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San Francisco for a few years, too, at school, then New York again, but you know, I counted that in the decade there already, not thirteen years, but ten all told…” I start to have an out-of-body experience.

Here is an opportunity to step up our game and consciously embody our best vision of ourselves. And most importantly, you’ll align your actions with who you want to be.

Indtil for nylig var der de seneste 20 år ikke født en ny dansk virksomhed som efterfølgende har fået 1000 ansatte. Samfundet ved godt hvor de gerne vil have iværksætterne hen, men gør samfundet nok for at få dem derhen?

Det mest overraskende er at nogen synes det er overraskende. Understøtter vi i Danmark dem nok i opstarten, og forkæler vi dem nok i vækstfasen, således at de ikke i deres tanker stempler ud af Danmark, men ser et dansk domicil som noget afgørende og positivt?

My first attempt at online dating was pretty much a disaster. Pleeeease.” I’m sandwiched into the foyer of a crowded and trendy brunch spot, waiting for my first-ever Tinder date to show up. Each and every time we show up for a coffee date, we can take a breath and treat it as a twenty-minute practice.

Please don’t let me be staring at him awkwardly right now or make an overture to the wrong person. Because dating usually makes us self-conscious, it’s the perfect time to both witness and transform our habits.

In our discomfort, we can choose to either fall back into our protective habits, or instead to , take a breath, and make a choice about how we want to act.

To start with a blank canvas and see what you create. While I still wanted to fill the silence with my babbling, I began practicing the pause and waiting. I squirmed, I blushed, I literally had to bite my tongue. Each one is an opportunity to put yourself back in the fire of not knowing. Because we are nervous, our senses become heightened and time feels like it slows down. If you start to put yourself out there on Tinder or Plenty of Fish, you may have a lot of first dates.Gode kræfter foren eder Vi mangler bedre rammebetingelser for at tilføre risikovillig aktiekapital.Vi mangler en aktiekultur a la den svenske og vi kunne godt bruge bedre forhold som gjorde at hver ide ikke skal over prisfastsættelsesvægten på et meget tidligt tidspunkt. He’s tall and has a cute gap between his two front teeth. By practicing the pause, I came one step closer to being the good listener I want to be. By questioning our default patterns, we become artists of self-creation. ” (Awkward hug.) I bite my tongue from saying, “Nice to meet you,” which would surely advertise “FIRST DATE” in neon letters to the lounging hipsters who no doubt smell Tinder all over this. “Come this way, I can seat you now that you’re both here.” We get ourselves sorted, take control of the menus (I’m clumsy with mine; it feels like an ungainly, fluttering bird), and we manage to order. Later I’ll learn that this is how Ethan moves in the world: slowly, carefully, and with deliberate intent. And when I did, my date would often find something interesting to say that would take the conversation in a marvelous and unexpected direction. Born in good ol’ New Hampshire, you know the uh, live free or die state! Because we’re usually a little freaked out, dating is the perfect place to practice mindfulness. While I’d experienced “awareness” before on the yoga mat, diving back into the dating scene became an opportunity to put this pause into practice while in the good company of others. “Then I was in New York City for about a decade, oh goodness! I try to stop talking, but it’s as if a dam has been released and the water just won’t stop. Where was this horrific, vomitus chattiness coming from? Barely a word out and here I was submerging him in a horrible torrent of small talk.

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