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When a Tina Turner song came on, I waltzed out onto the dance floor and started to boogie with my eyes closed - until I became aware of someone inches away from my face. He was working on the film Demolition Man in LA, and offered to fly me back with him in the Warner Brothers private jet to take some photographs of him on set. We slept chastely in the same bed for the duration of the flight - and as he kissed me goodbye at the terminal, I tried not to think about how good it had felt to be in his arms. He was overjoyed and held her in his arms, a cigar hanging out of his mouth. My pregnancy had been closely followed in the Press, so I ran away and took Savannah to spend two weeks with friends on a yacht off the coast of France.The plane was a palace, with half a dozen actual bedrooms. Two days later, his assistant called and asked me to meet Sly at his house in Benedict Canyon. He already had two sons, but this was his first little girl. My ex-husband, Simon Fields, a film producer I'd married in the early Nineties, had won custody of our six-year-old son Nathan many years before because of my out-of-control lifestyle, so I was afraid to tell Michael about our daughter in case the same thing happened with her.Jack ordered champagne, lobster and steak, and was a wonderful host.He wanted to know all about me, and was earnest, genuine, attentive and outrageously funny.I found out later that both his parents had been heavy drinkers, and that Warren had decided early in life that he'd never drink or do drugs. "You look beautiful Janice, can I offer you a drink? "It's hard enough to resist you sober." He liked that. After dinner, he asked me to walk back to his hotel with him, but I declined and hailed a cab.He kissed me on the cheek - he wanted more, but I turned my head - then I got in the cab and waved ta-ta as it pulled away.I loved the expression on his face: stunned disbelief.

There was another man who also called around this time - twice - but I ignored him, too, much to my embarrassment now. Someone from his office left a message at my agency: Mr Spielberg had met me in a restaurant and was interested in having me audition for something called Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

At the end of the week, I had to fly to the Caribbean to do a fashion shoot for Elle magazine, but I found I spent the entire trip thinking about him.

When I landed back in New York, I called him from the airport and he invited me over to the Carlyle immediately. I woke up at around 3am to find Warren wasn't in bed. "Nothing," he said, but he couldn't take his eyes off himself. I dated Warren for the next eight months or so until things naturally petered out. I got back from a fashion shoot the next afternoon to find my hotel room filled with pink roses. I guess not."At 7pm I hurried to the hotel entrance just as a black limousine pulled up. "It's really nice to meet you, too." Turns out we were sharing a limo to a Rolling Stones concert. I grabbed his shaggy head and pinned him to the wall. He placed 0 on the table next to my side of the bed.

I took my cameras - expecting to go straight on to the film set - but ended up going up to his bedroom to look for him. Six weeks after Savannah's birth in 1994, and with the help of Sly's exercise and vitamin regime, I got back in shape and walked down the catwalk for Versace. (The artist I'd slept with had very kindly taken a DNA test which proved he was not Savannah's father - so I knew she had to be Michael's.) I waited until Savannah was seven years old before I told Michael about her - and that was the point at which things really turned round for me. I got sober, clean - and started to live a much more normal family life.

It was a great success - but as I walked down the runway for the final time, I realised Sly had left his seat. I even volunteered for the school PTA, for heaven's sake.

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