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But Hefner's worldview was already dated by the explosion of the psychedelic 1960s.

The anything-goes, free-love atmosphere — illustrated by all that hedonistic rolling around in the mud at Woodstock in 1969 — made the suave Hefner style seem old-fashioned and buttoned up.

There is no doubt that Trump strongly identified with it as he was growing up. But it is categorically not a world of unwilling women. It's a world of show girls, of flamboyant femaleness, a certain kind of strutting style that has its own intoxicating sexual allure — which most young people attending elite colleges today have had no contact with whatever.

I instantly recognized and understood it in Trump because I had always been an admirer of Hefner's sexual cosmos.

Porn has become a necessary escape by the sexual imagination from the banality of our everyday lives, where the sexes are now routinely mixed in the workplace. I see men turning away from women and simply being content with the world of fantasy because women have become too thin-skinned, resentful and high-maintenance.

With the sexes so bored with each other, all that's left are these feminist witch-hunts. And American women don't know what they want any longer.

So let's dig in a little — what would you say was 's cultural impact?

Hefner updated and revitalized the image of the British gentleman, a man of leisure who is deft at conversation — in which American men have never distinguished themselves — and the art of seduction, which was a sport refined by the French.Have you ever been to a party at the Playboy Mansion? () So let me just ask: Was Hugh Hefner a misogynist? The central theme of my wing of pro-sex feminism is that all celebrations of the sexual human body are positive.Second-wave feminism went off the rails when it was totally unable to deal with erotic imagery, which has been a central feature of the entire history of Western art ever since Greek nudes."She brings in her creative ideas, gets involved in the photo selection and ends up with something she co-created through and through.” Playboy Enterprises expanded over the years to include television, film, resorts, nightclubs, products, charities and a number of websites. Asked in 2013 how many women he had been with over the years, Hefner told “How could I possibly know? There were chunks of my life when I was married, and when I was married I never cheated. You have to keep your hand in.” In 2011 he told r: “Could I be in a better place and happier than I am today? In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined a sweeter life.” Hefner is survived by his wife Crystal Harris and his four children from previous relationships.in an exclusive interview on topics ranging from what Hef's choice of the bunny costume revealed about him to the current "dreary" state of relationships between the sexes.In the early 1990s, you said that Hugh Hefner "ushered in a revolution in American sexual consciousness.Some say that the women in What do you think about the fact that Trump's childhood hero and model of sophisticated American masculinity was Hefner?I can certainly see how retrograde and nostalgic it is, but at the same time I maintain that even in the photos that My 1960s generation was the gender-bending generation — we were all about blending the genders in fashion and attitude.But it has to be said that in terms of world history, the taste for and interest in androgyny is usually relatively brief.The unhappy truth is that the more the sexes have blended, the less each sex is interested in the other.So we're now in a period of sexual boredom and inertia, complaint and dissatisfaction, which is one of the main reasons young men have gone over to pornography.

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