Who is danny gokey dating

The singer's first wife died just weeks before he auditioned for "Idol," having suffered complications after surgery to repair a congenital heart defect.

Gokey, known for his touching back story and edgy eyeglasses, finished in the top three during "Idol's" Season 8, when Kris Allen won and Adam Lambert was runner-up.

This song relays that just because you can't always see something, it can still be there to will you through hard times. "Tell Your Heart To Beat Again" "Tell Your Heart To Beat Again" is a popular single from Danny's sophomore release.

The video and tone really fit the style of music that best fits in Gokey's wheelhouse.

This examines the best and worst of times, and how blessed he is to be living it. "O Holy Night" As soon as Sony Music Nashville heard Gokey cover Chrismas ballad "O Holy Night", they knew it would be perfect for his third album, .

Gokey's tender voice shows incredible range and passion here.

This smooth ballad has great levels to it, and showcases Gokey's voice to perfection. "Hero" "Hero" was perhaps Gokey's best song in his American Idol journey.

This catchy track uses a quick beat and tells a good story.

This heart-felt tune is an activism outreach that can help anyone. The story here is that it doesn't take much effort to be a good person and help others get ahead. From his third place finish on the national reality competition to standing out in the Christian genre, Gokey is setting out to make a difference.

Only time will tell what's next for the Christian crooner.

Gokey has released two studio albums, along with a Christmas cover album. "This Is What It Means" Gokey always prides himself on realistic, upbeat messages, and "This Is What It Means" embodies that.

This list will encompass his best songs from all three albums, as well as popular Idol covers. This soulfully sung track from Gokey's second album, , is about the highs and lows of life.

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