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The scores of Iron Age and Roman coinage and artefact discoveries, and excavations by the Dyfed Archaeological Trust under the direction of Heather James at Carmarthen (Maridunum) in the 1980s, point convincingly to significant Roman penetration to this westernmost part of Wales.In 1992 aerial photography identified a Roman road running west of Carmarthen past Wiston to Poyston Cross, raising the possibility of Roman fortlets at strategic river crossings at Whitland and Haverfordwest.It is recorded that the Constable of the castle in 1207 was Itohert, son of Richard Tancard, possibly a descendant of the first Tancred.

In the 1920s Sir Mortimer Wheeler partially excavated a Roman dwelling or villa at Wolfscastle; work was restarted in 2002 by Professor Merroney.

The 2011 census quoted a population of only 12,042 living within the confines of the parish.

This agreed with the total population of all 5 wards involved: Castle, Prendergast, Portfield, Priory and Garth.

This leaves two high spurs on the west side of the river.

On the northern spur, the castle and its surrounding settlement form the core of St Martin's parish.

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