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a pregnant Kylie Jenner's been spotted out in the real world for the first time since September!!!TMZ's obtained a shot of Kylie walking with her best friend, Jordyn Woods, and Kris Jenner following closely behind.USA Gymnastics' board of directors agreed to a demand by the U. Olympic Committee that they all resign in the wake of Nassar's sentencing, as did the president and athletic director of Michigan State.The scandal has prompted several investigations into those institutions.This obviously resulted in a sad/frown from Betty, who had very possibly rekindled her lifetime burning crush on Archie, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Part of me was like, oh great, yes let’s get back to all those juicy property contract law subplots from last season.

She also suggested putting a sticker over the webcam when it's not being used.

Margraves then bolted towards Nassar, seated in an orange jump suit nearby.

Gasps, cries and shouts filled the courtroom as Margraves was wrestled to the ground and put in handcuffs while Nassar was taken out to safety. Olympic officials have also been criticized by some of the sport's biggest stars, including gold medalists Aly Raisman, Simone Biles and Mc Kayla Maroney.

(To be fair, even someone as noncurious as Archie has the sense that they caught the wrong guy.) But it was still refreshing to see some changes in the storylines…

Not only the introduction of Betty’s nightmare brother, but the integration of Southside High into Riverdale High!

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