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Weirdly, the two people are actually in the same room (though they’re kept hidden from each other until their headsets are on).That kind of defeats the point of virtual dating, but never mind that; there’s hilarity to be had! It doesn’t mess around; we get a quick introduction to John and Shelby, two young people in search of love.

It’s also bound to become more of a question as Facebook’s own Spaces VR social platform gains traction and headsets become cheaper and more ubiquitous, allowing friends to create avatars of themselves for virtual worlds and 360-degree videos.

“This was a great opportunity to expose people to something new in a fun and social atmosphere.” The A E District is located between Miami’s art district in Wynwood and the downtown Design District.

A private real estate company, NR Investments, is largely responsible for an influx of events and entertainment in the area.

The virtual reality games will allow guests to explore marine habitats and deep-see creatures, paint in the third-dimension and take on multi-player games in a virtual world with friends.

The Blu The Blu is such a beautiful underwater game that I could relax in for a while with the jellyfish, turtles, fish schools, oh my!

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