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Restaurant-wise, the area has all your favorite national and international chains, so whether you want a burger and fries, pizza or sub sandwiches, you'll definitely be able to find them. Also, the Burrito Palace Restaurant serves you guessed it, delicious burritos that you can personalize when you order. You're in luck in Vacaville, which has its fair share of dive bars and pubs.If you want a more local specialty, the town has its fair share. It serves up Indian food, which locals tout as authentic and fresh. Don't expect any fancy clubs here, but if you want a good tasting cocktail at a fair price, you can certainly find it.

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Miss Darlas is a dive bar for someone who just wants a bar without any other bells and whistles.For authentic Vietnamese food, Vacavillians go to Pho Lee Hoa Phat, a very authentic restaurant with tons of noodle dishes and meals that range from very mild to very spicy. Piano Fuerte Cigar Bar is a great spot for smokers.You can purchase cigars there and smoke them while you sip on a scotch or the beverage of your choice.This area is spread out, so if you want neighbors to chat with, choose somewhere else.Its safe, though, so lots of families choose to make their homes here.You'll pay top dollar to live here, but it will be safe and offer access to the best of what the city has to offer.$$$$$Vine Street: Vine Street is centrally located in Vacaville, and it has beautiful ranch houses on tons of property.If you like festivals and events, Vacaville has its fair share of those, too. Its a several-days-long celebration with a parade featuring tons of local talent including singers, dancers, cheerleaders and musicians.Also, at Christmas, the town has a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, which is accompanied by a band The Jepson Band which is a favorite with locals.There are some companies that have their headquarters here, though, so if you work in pharmaceuticals or biotechnology, then you might be able to find a job and not have to commute.If you do have to commute, people recommend having a car.

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