Updating a tri level home

On the flip side, this type of layout divides a home into several distinct "boxes" or areas that make it difficult to connect spaces to each other.

In addition, the entries are often cramped and challenging for today's modern homeowners.

Owners of split-level homes often have a love/hate relationship with their house.

They love the amount of living space provided and the privacy the house design offers.

Increasing a split-level’s curb appeal can go a long way toward updating a tired exterior.

Most of the other complaints center around heating and cooling problems: Splits, because of their multiple levels, are often plagued by hot and cold spots. This can be accomplished by improving and upgrading the exterior finishes and by adding trim details and additional windows.

They appreciate that teens can be alone in their bedrooms on the top level of the house or in their lower-level family room, while Mom and Dad can relax in the main-level living room.

Owners also love how they get the feel of a multilevel house without having to trudge up full flights of stairs.

You have to go up or down to get to any part of the house.

Because these homes were built as an economical alternative to the more traditional (and pricey) colonial or cape homes popular in the previous decades, many were constructed with little or no attempt to add detail or charm to the residence. An insufficient entry area with stairs too close to the front door with the split-entry design.

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