Twitter not updating my facebook page

Syncing up your brand’s Twitter profile with your Facebook Page seems like a smart idea, but it’s not something that we would recommend for a number of reasons.

The full version of this article, which covers all six reasons why you should write custom updates for each network instead of cross-posting, can be found in the Facebook Marketing Bible, Inside Network’s complete guide to marketing, advertising, and ecommerce on Facebook.

As the Page administrator, you can decide whether to share everything you publish on your Facebook Page with your Twitter followers, or be more selective and choose from Status Updates, Links, Photos, Notes and Events.

Status updates and links work best as these types of content can be consumed via Twitter without users having to return to Facebook.

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So just because one is working, it doesn't follow that the other is also correctly set up.

Tweets are simply not being displayed on the Facebook page.

When I change the settings so that tweets are sent to my personal Facebook profile, there is no problem whatsoever. I'm having the exact same problem - goes through the approval process fine, but nothing appears on the page. I tried different accounts and browsers, as well as a few tricks, same result.

But now you can officially update Twitter from Facebook without using any application.

This feature is only available for the administrators of Facebook pages of Public figures, musicians, businesses, organizations etc.

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