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Place an advert If you would like to sell your motorhome, camper van, caravan or park home, this is the place to do it! Find out why this is the best place to advertise your motorhome, camper van, caravan or park home.Place your advert now and take advantage of the thousands of visitors we get each month. Read what some of the many satisfied customers have said about our fantastic service.This type of gig is best for those without kids or a spouse.Earl from Wandering Earl has used cruise ship work to fund a large part of his 12 years on the road, and wrote a book called How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship.Check out careers at Royal Caribbean or Carnival Cruise Lines.If you’re the enterprising sort, you can start your own travel blog.

Travel’s wonderful, sure, but little things like food and a place to sleep are good too. You should know the basics of sailing for this gig, although some jobs only require a keen willingness to learn and a great attitude.To become a pilot, you’ll need over 250 hours of flight experience, decent vision, a clear criminal record and good health.If you’re technically (or scientifically) inclined, and have great writing skills, technical writing and editing can be a great gig on the road.The competition is stiff, and the life of a freelance travel writer usually doesn’t pay well (or reliably).Even if you’ve got stellar contacts, don’t expect to get much pay in the first year or so.WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) brings together volunteers and farmers.You’ll work a set number of hours in exchange for room and board. Flight attendants wages vary depending on the airline, and new employees don’t have a great choice of shifts or destinations.We volunteered as yacht crew for evening cruises at the yacht club in Brisbane and found the club and captains to be friendly and open to our help.Traditional freelance travel writing is a tough gig.You’ll be putting in a lot of work (trust us on this) as you build your blog.Even if your blog becomes well known, you’ll need great business sense and a way to stand out from the crowd before you start bringing in any income.

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