Taurus man and pisces woman dating

Taurus is attracted to powerful people, and the man she chooses to create a life with needs to be just as powerful as she is, if not more powerful. He'll do everything in his power to protect their little kingdom and ensure that life is plentiful.

On the contrary, Capricorn will know where every cent was spent.This is an obvious sun sign match, but it could become a real tug of war.Both bulls want to be in charge and may end up pulling in opposite directions.His modus operandi is to seek and acquire that which is beautiful and feels good to his body. So you need to appeal to his desire for the finer things in life, without being too unconventional (Aquarian), intense (Scorpionic) or dramatic (Leonine).Be like the water in a stream, the smooth rocks on an incline, the moss blanketing a tree.Taurus' knowledge is based on her desire to intertwine her life with the world and be as much a part of it as the grass and trees outside her bedroom window.Virgo's need for perfection attracts Taurus, who appreciates that quest for beauty and perfection.If you already have an account, login and you will be redirected back to this page.A Taurus woman's best match can be found in either earth or water astrology signs.The bull might not be very patient with Virgo's tenacious need for neatness and order, but he will certainly allow Virgo the luxury of flexing his perfectionist muscles whenever he desires.That's because Taurus has the unique ability to distance herself emotionally from Virgo's insistence on everything being just right.

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