Straight sex chat lines

Apparently this does happen, and men who are straight appreciate these callers for a few reasons.When men call a phone sex line to chat, they’re usually looking for sexual gratification.One straight man said he was surprised to learn about the strict regulations imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

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This same individual also mentions how the experience changed his view of sexuality.He says he was given a script of sexually overt phrases to say, and the company only hired those who could say the phrases without giggling or chuckling.Saying something like “I want to eat your big banana” would be a challenge for most straight men, but the father managed.Some people’s brains are more turned on by an erotic conversation than the sight of two strangers having sex on a computer screen.Phone sex isn’t limited to straight people, though many of the operators are only pretending to be gay.It should come as no surprise that the operators are told to keep their personal information strictly confidential.Stalkers and homophobes frequent these types of lines and they may try to contact the operators in person.The father says he was taught to get into character which can be challenging for a straight man.These men are also taught how to make sounds that will appeal to homosexual men such as the sound a mouth and throat will make during oral sex.The man says he had a caller stay on the line for 45 minutes, less than 20 of which was spent discussing sex.However, the majority of callers are men, and operators have to keep the sexual tensions high without infringing upon government regulations.

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