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): Heidi Catherine can be found on Facebook, Twitter or on her website.

Her debut novel, The Soulweaver, is available for order now.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads We’ve all heard stories about those rare writers whose manuscript got scooped off a slush pile by a big publisher, who immediately signed them for a six book deal and they made a million dollars. And it was worth it, because eventually that work led to my dream coming true.

I’d love to tell you that’s what happened to me, but my story is far more common than that. With each rejection came the unspoken questions that would buzz around in my head. Signing that publishing contract was one of the sweetest moments of my life.

His courage and his integrity have always stood in contrast with the corrupt and greedy Kurgan high society and political milieu.

But his life would mean little to him without his 3 daughters, Olga, Ivanka and Malinka, and his wife, the supreme ruler of the Kurgans.

Sculpted by Benoit Guerville and Jean-Romain Barrau.

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Unable to shake the feeling she’s lived before, she’s drawn to Reinier—a stranger whose soul is heartbreakingly familiar from a time gone by.

This, among other things, allows them to 'waken' the 'were' gene that can transform some members of the Kurganova army into giant were-wolves or were-bears.

Video made by our Ukrainian reseller Spellscape Designed by Benoit Guerville and Mireille Frenette.

It was Aleksandr who gave a puppy to his daughters, for Malinka's 10th birthday.

Although nobody quite knows where Charlie the war bulldog came from, or why he's always wearing the hats of military heroes of ancient times...

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