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Some simply require the whitelisting of an IP Address to allow relaying. Additionally, you may need to whitelist our domain: Please Note: These settings do not validate with your SMTP server and will allow you to turn this feature ‘on' even with incorrect information entered.

Using this feature depends upon having access to SMTP settings for the server that sends your emails (outgoing).If you are unable to send emails from the CF7 plugin, it is likely that you are unable to send emails from Word Press in general.The following list contains items that we have found commonly lead to email sending problems with the CF7 plugin (and Word Press in general).This is the email address that will be used to send the Notification/Confirmation Emails from your server.You may still add email addresses in each Form's Notification/Confirmation Email Settings that will be used as the "Reply-To" email address.We’ve created a collection of simple solutions to the range of Validator Error Messages displayed by the Contact Form 7 Configuration Validator.Contact Form 7 uses the standard recommended methods used to send emails in Word Press.Adding your Email Server Settings to your account will allow you to use your Email Server to send the Notification and Confirmation Emails from your Formstack Forms.This is an excellent way to help ensure email receipt and customize the sending email address.All emails will be sent from the email address specified in this setting.The Port Number ensures that your email makes it to the right server.

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