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Instead, the former shared innovation became the Centum Satem isogloss, which did not have to conform to language boundaries or represent any major change of language. Proto-Anatolian was the parent language of the Anatolian languages, which are attested only by inscriptions found in Anatolia and a few exports.

It is the only group to feature an explicit remnant of the laryngeals, sounds that disappeared in late Proto-Indo-European.

It is undisputed that fully developed languages were present throughout the Upper Paleolithic, and possibly into the deep Middle Paleolithic (see origin of language, behavioral modernity).

These languages would have spread with the early human migrations of the first "peopling of the world", but they are no longer amenable to linguistic reconstruction.

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For example, a creole language may lack significant inflectional morphology, lack tone on monosyllabic words, or lack semantically opaque word formation, even if these features are found in all of the parent languages of the languages from which the creole was formed. That is, they have no well accepted language family connection, no nodes in a family tree, and therefore no known urheimat.

The word for "ocean" was missing, suggesting an inland location.

Words that did not fit this geographical location, such as lion, could be explained by more recent borrowings.

Time depths involved in the deep prehistory of all the world's extant languages are of the order of at least 100,000 years.

The concept of an urheimat only applies to populations speaking a proto-language defined by the tree model. For example, in places where language families meet, the relationship between a group that speaks a language and the urheimat for that language is complicated by "processes of migration, language shift and group absorption are documented by linguists and ethnographers" in groups that are themselves "transient and plastic." Thus, in the contact area in western Ethiopia between languages belonging to the Nilo-Saharan and Afroasiatic families, the Nilo-Saharan-speaking Nyangatom and the Afroasiatic-speaking Daasanach have been observed to be closely related to each other but genetically distinct from neighboring Afroasiatic-speaking populations.

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