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Kids who are victims of dating violence are more likely to have problems with school, substance abuse, depression and social experiences, according to a recent study. The AAP urges parents to talk to their children about healthy relationships in middle school, before dating starts.

Share with your children the warning signs that a relationship may turn abusive.4.) Alcohol or drug abuse – Substance abuse is often the sign of a larger behavioral problem.Teens may be trying to medicate themselves with drugs or alcohol, or substance abuse may lead to abusive behavior.Remember – you don’t have to have broken bones or a black eye to be abused.If you check more than two below, you may want to get help now before it is too late.5.) Explosive anger – Inability to control temper can lead to violence and other abusive behavior.6.) Isolates partner from friends and family – Abusers often attempt to isolate their partners from friends and family who can offer them help or assurances that the abuser’s behavior is inappropriate.They may also feel that they will lose “face” or “respect” if they show attentiveness or caring to their partners.They may also feel that they have the right, as a man, to demand sex.This is a staggering number, especially considering that it is often during those formative years that young people learn the habits and relationship roles that they carry with them later in life. Teen girls bear the brunt of teen dating violence – most teen dating violence victims are female, and these young women are at greater risk for serious injury than teen boys.Teen dating violence is a serious problem that can affect a young person’s current life, her education and her future, and even lead to injury or death.

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