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As Chinese millennials immerse themselves in their careers, hoping to move up the socioeconomic ladder and provide a better standard of living for their families, they find that there is little time to spend on dating and finding Mr or Mrs Right.

Online dating sites have become a fairly established and frequently used method for single men and women to meet each other; however, online dating sites lack convenience and are usually paid services.

The main difference between Bilin and Mo Mo is that Bilin allows users to not only message one another, but to also make internet calls to people they are interested in.

5) Zank – Zank is also a new mobile dating app, but one that has a specific audience in mind – gay men.

Because all Chinese social media platforms have similar feature sets – nearby-location/profile/picture album/status/messaging – the most effective mobile dating app seems to come down to how these messaging apps’ user interface is built, how they market themselves, and who their user base is.

Even more interesting, are what appear to be potential user account names which could be beneficial to hackers seeking to penetrate China’s Internet and network defenses.

Check out the three lists below which is an aggregation of the work from several different research organizations (hence some words may be repeated).

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