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The first half of the module covers theoretical concepts – Cultural Relativism vs Moral Universalism, concepts of Globalization, Global Governance and Government, substantive values like Human Rights and procedural values like Democratic and Legitimacy.These concepts are then reified in the second half of the course where norm cascades, human security, just war theory, refugeehood, development, loan conditionality and climate change/global health are all situations where one can apply or deconstruct what concepts were taught. One should note that Prof Smith doesn’t believe in using slides – he teaches everything through simply lecturing and occasionally drawing on a white board. One is assessed as follows: The workload for this module is fairly light – readings consist of two long readings to three medium length readings every week, and tutorial readings are extremely short as well.As I understood it, Prof Smith recently took over this module and he changed a few parts to teach students based on what his understanding of the module’s purpose was as well as what he hoped to inculcate in his students after they were done.Prof Smith himself comes from the realm of Political Philosophy, giving him a great ability to dissect arguments and their counterarguments while posing difficult questions for students to ponder upon.Could we not have some sort of stronger sideways, randomised recoil pattern, so that it would throw of recoil macros that are configured to go downwards or to one side? I had been planning to minor in something, but eventually decided on Global Studies (GL) because it was a “free minor”.Actually, just don't take photos at all unless you're buying something. Think for a minute before you ask a question that you don't really need an answer to. If you know a shop is going to sell things you don't like, don't go inside and make it known you don't like these things. Small businesses like being paid with cash, no matter how nicely they insist it doesn't matter.

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The whole ‘shrinking world’ effect and whatever comes along with it, but overall pretty much another fluffy module that lacked substance.For those wondering about double counting, that just means I can free up those two U/E mods for other mods I find interesting, effectively getting a minor for doing four core mods from GL.Doesn’t sound too bad and it’s not like there are other mods I particularly want to use for U/E’s (since I’d prefer to study within a structure), so I took it along with GL2102 this sem. Again, when you fuck up packaging, no one wants to buy it.How come something as simple as this still hasn't been fixed?I got into the top 5 yesterday and a guy started full-autoing everyone with a SCAR effortlessly.He aimed at me but all of his shots hit the exact spot on a tree, however as I went to fire at him I saw numerous blood splatters on me from the exact same spot as I died.B if I screwed up the finals or competition was tougher than expected, A- if I performed as per normal. Perhaps competition wasn’t as tough as assumed, but indeed, I feel somewhat bad for those who put in more time and effort and yet didn’t get the grade they deserved.TGBTG 🙂 For those looking to do a minor/major in GL, this module offers a good spread of issues which one may then decide which to focus on.Credit card processing fees are small, but they do add up. If you know 100% you're not going to purchase an item, don't touch it.

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