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From just before the interval some those who decided to get a 'bit of culture' for the evening were leaving, and so it continued slowly but surely all the way through. I've seen high school performances with keener understanding of the emotional subtleties of the text.It was only because I'd paid my £33 and couldn't believe that it wouldn't improve that stopped me from leaving. I've just watched the "Globe on Screen" recording of the production and lost count of how many times I had to wince as he pranced, as often as not backwards, to the four corners of the stage, as if sheer New Kids on the Block energy might be a suitable representation of youth, passion, love, grief.And to think that I diverted from Cornwall to London on my way home to Rutland after a weekend away to see this drivel! He effectively tramples the language of Shakespeare with his "happy feet" and cheesy one-note back-row delivery.It was without doubt the weakest and most liberty taking production of R&J that I have ever seen. Well the only other time I've visited was for 'Midsummer Nights Dream' a couple of years back, and I thought the production style was much better suited to that. However inferior you might've felt Kendrick to be, and she was infinitely better than you've characterized her here, she was never in danger of looking anything but stellar by comparison.Edun's early youthful bounce and joyful falling in love with love was pretty infectious.However, when about to break into Capulet's tomb, Edun's "tempt not a desperate man" theat did leave us wondering, "Desperate? " From the full octave of Shakespeare's intended emotions, this "Romeo and Juliet" is far happier playing higher comic notes, and middle-range drama: there's not nearly enough deep tragedy for the play to succeed.People around us looked at each other in nose-wrinkling sadness; not, we fear, because our heroine was dead.

But then followed an overlong, obvious, clichéd rendition of Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet".

(And for odd some reason, moved like she was on casters, walking without bending her knees.) Her chirpy, sing-song delivery at the start made her sound like a 13 year old, yes, but one discovering rhyming couplets for the first time.

Later, when called upon to make one of the great tragic romantic gestures of all time, Kendrick failed to inject Juliet's awful final decision with any feeling whatsoever.

Dominic Dromgoole, artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, insists that the Globe is more than just tourist fodder.

He wants the Globe to be considered alongside places like the National as somewhere to see seriously good theatre.

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