Rickenbacker bass serial dating

It is important to note that Hall worked very closely with Fender, as the two have been competitors ever since.

There is a lot of debate and general confusion over who introduced or created or invented the first electric guitar, but many consider Rickenbacker to be the first.

I bought it used in the late ’70s and have played it ever since. Can you tell me a little more about the guitar and if it is trash or treasure? Timothy Phoenix, Arizona Hi Timothy, Cool bass, man, and it’s awesome you’ve been using it for over 30 years now!Based on this, the overall condition of your guitar is 80 percent (Very Good ), and in this condition is currently valued between 00 and 00.Comparatively, excellent condition models are valued between 00 and 00.I’ll give a little Rickenbacker history, explain why their basses are important, and discuss the specs and value of your bass.Adolf Rickenbacker, along with two other men, started a metal stamping shop in 1925 called the Rickenbacker Manufacturing Company.Rickenbacker's neck-through design really set the standard for many modern bass builders regarding tone and sustain, as the tuners, fretboard, pickups, and bridge are all mounted on the same piece of wood.Your model 4001 bass was built in November 1974 according to the serial number (almost all Rickenbackers can be dated through serialization).Based on how well these basses play and today’s value, your Ricky 4001 bass is definitely a treasure!A quick clarification: I mistakenly stated in my June 2010 article on the Guild JF-55 that Campbell American Guitars were building instru- ments in the old Guild factory in Westerly, Rhode Island.Rickenbacker has been a family-run business ever since, as his son, John C.Hall, took control of Rickenbacker in 1984, and John’s son, Bill, works there as well.

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