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Nestled along the giant limestone quarry walls that overlook the Rockville area of the park, the Power Surge transports about a dozen riders at a time along a channel against an old-timey power plant backdrop.

The boat ride ends in a steep 50-foot plunge, with a double-dip that adds a few seconds of actual airtime to that 36 mph drop.

After 25 years, the original Power Surge boat ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas shut down the rapids for the final time Sunday, July 23.

MIRROR L’équipe de programmation de « Real Life Cam Gratuit » est une équipe de professionnels avec beaucoup d’expérience en programmation.

Photo: Getty Images Most Koreans do not eat dog meat.

The people that do eat dog meat are a minority, and not a mainstream part of Korean society.

President Trump is the busiest President I've ever seen!!! He takes his job so seriously though, he hardly sleeps!!!!

Everyone knows that this has always been his work ethic.

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