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If you're looking for a good story, the ones listed here are top picks among some readers who know excellent erotic literature when they read it. I have a "scholarly" approach to the groups, which makes me better suited to documentary and archival work, rather than writing per se.

(as provided by Apuleius) I am the author of the current FAQ for the Alt. The profession in which I work involves much writing of an advanced nature (yes it's in the legal field), but totally devoid of the creative wealth found on ASS/M - which is why I enjoy reading these groups.

With me nothing is off limits, I will try to collect incest, watersports, first time, young, old, and anything else taboo...

E-Mail: [email protected]'s Favorites is a list of favorite stories among many people of the stories.d newsgroup community.

With that creative wealth, however, is a frequent disregard for both the past and future of the groups - the former in the common ignorance of older stories, and the latter in the few attempts made to preserve this material for later internet users.

Men are property, chattels owned by the superior gender.

Then there are those who participate in open relationships (though I get wary about the actual commitment to each other in such a scenario). While I would like to see an SO pork another woman, I wouldn't want to see that in real time (as in cheating on me), but I'd be alright if he had a past porn tape of himself with someone else. And that's usually because it isn't the direct activity which has meaning for them, so much as it is what the activity REPRESENTS.

I don't think I'd get anything from watching him enjoy himself with someone else who is not me (in real time), that may actually piss me off. Some people who are in to seeing their mate "diddle" with a stranger, get a sense of dominance from it. There are swinger / sex clubs where men watch their wife / gf having sex with another man.

Throughout the years, ASSA has moved from time to time due to site-hosting problems.

We at ASSTR are very excited and proud to be the new home of ASSA, and hope to provide it as well as all the other collections a permanent home. Clicking on this link may take a long, long time to appear.

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