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Manilius (see below), in giving the astrological influences for this constellation, says that those influenced by the Southern Fish are pearl divers who gather pellucid stones (pearls).

Manilius used the Latin word Nothosaurus means 'false lizard'.

A man born to such a lot plies his skill along the shore; or he purchases at a fixed wage another's labor and sells for a profit what it has brought him, a pedlar in the many different forms of sea products". (Piscis Austrinus is a single fish and should not to be confused with the zodiacal Pisces, consisting of two fishes tied together) Piscis Australe (or Piscis Austrinus) "the Southern Fish", is the Italian Pesce Australe; the French Poisson Australe; and the German Sudliche Fisch.

It lies immediately south of Capricornus and Aquarius, in that part of the sky early known as the Water, Aratos describing the figure as "on his back the Fish," and but modern representations give it in a normal attitude.

The Long-nosed elephant fish has an electrical organ which it uses to find its food in dark and murky waters. The brain of the African elephant nose fish uses 60% of its body's oxygen supply [2].

(Maybe this explains the prefix is the Atlantic sturgeon.

The outer projecting portion of the ear, also called pinna), auriform (shaped like an ear, from Latin, 1801.

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In astrology Aquarius rules the circulation of blood (among other things) [3].

The word 'cochlea' is related to 'conch', it was called a cochlea because it resembles the spiral of a conch.

The conch is a large spiral shell, often used as a horn or trumpet.

According to Staal, the fish is often seen as a sign of salvation in the legends of a great deluge: "The fish drinks the waters of the flood to save the world." Allen [] says that this constellation was believed to be the "Oxyrinque adored in Egypt." Oxyrhynchus is the town named after a species of fish of the Nile River which was important in Egyptian mythology as "the fish that swallowed the penis of Osiris." It is generally believed to be the elephantfish of the family [see a story on this fish, there is a picture of the fish here with the horns of Hathor and sun disc of Ra]. Its brain size to body weight ratio is higher than that of humans [1].

Mormyrid or Elephant-nose fish are depicted in ancient Egyptian tombs dating from around 2500 B. Oxyrhynchus' papyrus-rich garbage heaps were excavated in the late 1890s and yielded paper fragments of books and documents of seven centuries of Graeco-Egyptian life. The human brain uses 15-20% of the body's oxygen supply.

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