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Paulini signed a joint record deal with Ambition Records and Decca Records Australia in 2014.

That was the idea behind the single – kind of showing off all of our vocals, together." In December 2007, Paulini was one of the lead vocalists in the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra's gospel-style production of Handel's oratorio Messiah, alongside Trace Canini and Doug Parkinson, at the Adelaide Festival Theatre.

On being an independent artist, Paulini told Auspop: "For the first time I feel like I'm in control of my music..the independent thing, you know exactly what you're paying to who and you're in control from your music to what is written, to what you release out there – you're across it all, which is a great thing." Paulini's second independent single "Show Me Your Colors (The Ping Pong Mix)" was released as a digital download on to coincide with her performances at the 2011 Volkswagen Table Tennis Cup in China.

Paulini stated that the song is lyrically "about my journey over the past few years and coming into my skin after a struggle to find my voice, my artistry and above all, loving myself with the help of loved ones by my side." Both "Air It All Out" and "By My Side" failed to make any significant impact on the ARIA charts.

Dicko commented on the dress saying "You should choose more appropriate clothes or shed some pounds", which resulted in a great deal of debate and controversy in the media relating to self-esteem and body image of teenage girls.

Nick Bond of au described Dicko's criticism of Paulini's gold dress as "one of the most controversial moments in Australian Idol history," while Andrew Bucklow from the same publication labelled it one of the show's "most infamous moments" ever.

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