Online dating for underage teens

Amongst thousands of obscene films found, a folder labelled “Fifteen” – containing twelve films of him engaging in sex with the minor – was uncovered.Similarly, he filmed the sexual assaults without her permission.Do the names of the sites – Okcupid and Meet Me – sound familiar to you?Chances are you may have come across these sites, but you didn’t pay much attention to it as everyone else is getting on dating sites (or apps) these days.This opens up a gateway for creeps and pedophiles to make their move on minors.There’s also the location feature, which makes it easier for predators to strike in a proximate vicinity.

Before you draw a conclusion to that question, here are some rules of thumb everyone – parents and teenagers alike – should know: The minimum age on Meet Me is not even 18 – it’s 13 Initially, we thought this dating site has a minimum age requirement of 18. You can even specifically search for individuals between the ages of 14 and 18.As a whole, it’s imperative to exercise caution with dangers lurking everywhere, not just on these dating sites but the Internet.How to protect children or underage teenagers from harm In all, open communication is key.While dating sites (and apps) can be a great way to expand your social circle, it’s more advisable for underage teenagers to lay off them until they’re older.After all, there’s a reason why certain age limits are being imposed – many creeps tend to prey on minors.Although she asked him to delete the videos, he refused, saying that it was for his “viewing pleasure”.Dating sites are a double-edged sword Given the lack of age verification on dating sites, it has cast much doubt on the reliability and safety of these sites.To our horror, Robinson met another 15-year-old girl on Ok Cupid in 2013.When the police raided his apartment, they made a horrific discovery.Even though it’s strictly 18 on Ok Cupid but is it really?As much as we hate to admit it, some of us may have created an account on Ok Cupid even before we were legal – because it’s so easy to do so.

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