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From his knock on pecs to his phantom dick I just knew I had to taste. But it wasn't until I became "legal" that my thoughts of him became more and more constant, aggressive, and soon enough, erotic. My imagination gave me something different mostly everytime.

He was the wakeup call that I was something other than straight. Sometimes he'd be the tough father figure that took me over his knee for being a bad boy while i yelled "Yes, daddy! Other times i'd imagine creeping under his covers and then french his juicy cock through his white briefs while he was asleep. On friday, my mom left about seven in the morning for the long drive to Ohio.

I've wanted this for so long." I said with a slight laugh before going back to his dick. I wanted to make pure love to his his perfect meat stick. He contorted and wiggled as if he wasn't in control of his body. And he would have lots of lovely mental snapshots and mini-video memories to take home with him, too. Hoping for rather more, than just being exquisitely 'teased'.Today, he was hoping for the piece de resistance ...Fuck, I just NEEDED this fantasy to turn into a sweet and sinful reality. I remained silent, completely unsure what my approach was gonna be. A hunk and an Ideal father figure; a wet dream come true. Nonchalantly get closer, rub his thigh, listen to his protests and just telling him "Come on, dad..not here". So, about six months after my 18th, my mom tells me she has to go over my great aunt Shirleys for the weekend to go over her Will and Testament mumbo jumbo, meaning Jason and I would be all alone. Eventually, he caves, and the rest is what I imagine happens next. In a split second, I made his dick disappear in my warm mouth. I looked up at him, his head was thrown back and his hands were on his face. A few seconds later, I took his now rock hard seven inches out of my mouth and began licking all over his juicy balls. I flicked my very wet tongue at his dick slit, which he moaned in response. Going up and down on his growing cock, I heard his muffled "uh's" and "ooo's" and "mmm's". Feeling his meat with my playful fingers was heaven. "Listen, this whole fantasy in your head is fucking insane! I was massaging his trouser snake and surrounding area with both hands. I was already on cloud nine to be in this position, looking up at his stunned, angry face. Then a rush of confidence I didn't think I had hit me and ran through my hormone raging body. "The dream was about me and you, dad..I Iiked every single second of it." At that moment, Jason let go of my shoulder and attempted to get up. "You shouldn't-" Before he could finished, I put both hands on his chest and pushed him back down on the couch. You are seriously-" Before he said another word, my hand was on his boxers, groping and massaging along his right thigh where his cock was hiding. Jason left my hands alone for a second and glared at me. At this point, I wiggled my way down on the floor, between his legs.

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  1. Other date highlights include a shopping challenge in which we had 10 minutes to buy each other £1 gifts, and the option to forego dessert and drive somewhere secluded to kiss.