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Of even greater importance is the affect on programs.

Programs often do not expect time difference like this, and may end abnormally or behave strangely, as various tasks timeout instantly, or take extraordinarily long while to timeout.

It achieves this via a client-server interface, where one machine exports a drive or portion of a drive, and another machine mounts the export locally.

Any combination of imports and mounts is possible, with clients able to mount multiple exports from multiple servers, servers exporting multiple directories to multiple clients, and hosts that act as both clients and servers.

Poor time synchronization also makes debugging problems difficult, because there is no easy way to establish a chronology of events.

This is especially problematic when investigating security issues, such as break in attempts.

Workaround: Use the Network Time Protocol (NTP) religiously.

NFS fails at the goal of allowing a computer to access files over a network as if they were on a local disk.In a typical NFS deployment, an NFS server exports part of its local file system as NFS shares, and one or more remote NFS clients mount and access exported shares within their own file system.Here is how to set up an NFS share between an NFS server and a client, both running on Cent OS 7.If a client fails, the server will typically not notice.If a server fails, any pending client operations will typically resume without observable interruption, except for a temporary pause in operations until the server has resumed normal operation. Every network operating system has had NFS ported to it in one form or another, and it is used in almost every Unix environment worldwide.For reliable NFS operations, it is thus highly recommended to set up NTP on every NFS server and client host to avoid any clock skew among them.After updating to nfs-utils-1.3.0-0.8.e17, nfs-server was not automatically starting.NFS is built on the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) mechanism, making it a stateless protocol.In fact, NFS is not stateless from the client point of view, but it is from the server point of view.In this tutorial, two Cent OS 7 hosts will be used, one for an NFS server and the other for an NFS client.Many read/write operations in NFS involve accessing and updating timestamps, but NFS itself does not have any mechanism to synchronize time between a server and a client.

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