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Tinder has 46 million users, according to Dating Sites Reviews while Bumble has 20 million, according to Dating Sites Reviews. First you create a profile for yourself with some pictures, and a short biography.Then you swipe "right" if you're interested in someone, and "left" if you're not.Martin says she can't feel the love for dating apps."It's very rare that you find people that are actually wanting to talk to you, and want to be in a relationship," said Martin.More and more people are meeting online through sites such as eharmony and "If you're more serious, you go to those," said Isaac Winter, a senior at UMD.UMD Junior Megan Sheppard says dating apps help ease the nerves of meeting someone in person for the first time because you can get to know information about the person through the app.

"That would be another step of getting to know the person first, getting to know who they are, what they do, how they act through this communication prior to setting up a place," said Sheppard.

Hebert says his girlfriend's mom wasn't completely sold on that first meeting to put it lightly, so his girlfriend gave her mom Dwight's number.

"Her mom was terrified that she was going to be meeting this stranger," said Hebert.

He asked her out by writing a note asking if she would go out with him, according to the Star Tribune.

It's no secret dating today has changed though.

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