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Jewish father/Dominican mulata mother)Chris Stein (guitarist for Blondie)Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, Michael Jackson guitarist)Barbra Streisand (singer/liberal political activist/actress)Sylvain Sylvain (born Sylvain Mizrahi in Egypt (designer Isaac Mizrahi is a cousin) guitarist of the NY Dolls)10 cc (polular for song "I'm Not In Love", Lol Creme, Kevin Godley, and Gouldman are all Jews)Mel Torme (singer)Nick Valensi (guitarist for The Strokes, son of Jews from Algeria)Veruca Salt (short-lived alternative band, Nina Gordon, Louise Post, and James Shapiro are Jews)Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen drummer, Late Night with Conan O'Brien band leader)Janet Weiss (singer)Leslie West (born Leslie Weinstein, leader of Mountain)Brad Wilk (drummer for Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave, communist party member)Brian, Carl, & Dennis Wilson (members of The Beach Boys)Carnie & Wendy Wilson (daughters of Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, 2/3rds of Wilson Phillips)Kirk Windstein (Crowbar/Down singer/bassist)Kip Winger (Winger singer/bassist, relative of Debra Winger)Peter Wolf (singer, formerly of the J.

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While in my opinion a lot of these so-called WNists are probably "trolls" from the many various anti-racist and communist groups "stirring the shit" so to speak, it's unfortunate but no doubtedly the truth that a large percentage of the people attracted to fringe movements such as White Nationalism are in fact pretty fucking stupid.It also seems that most male performers appear Jewish but being there's not very many men in the industry it's not hard to figure out who's who.Females on the other hand are so numerous that it's next to impossible to figure out how many are Jewish or not though of the few I've seen many, possibly most have Semitic features.Ruth Westheimer (sexual therapist)Billy Wilder Gene Wilder (comedian/actor...Young Frankenstein, Willy Wonka, many more)Henry Winkler (TV actor from Happy Days "Fonz")Debra Winger (star of Urban Cowboy and An Officer & A Gentleman)Shelly Winters (actress, real name Shelly Schrift)Max Wright (played father on ALF, recently caught smoking crack and having sex with two homeless black men)Ed Wynn Elliot Yamin (American Idol season 5 finalist)Henny Youngman (stand-up comic, king of the one-liners)Ian Ziering (star of Beverly Hills 90210)Barbara Bach - actress/model (Jewish father/Irish mother, star of James Bond film Spy Who Loved Me, wife of Ringo Starr who's not Jewish)Jennifer Beals (actress from Flashdance/The "L" Word, 1/2 black/Jewish)David Blaine - (1/2 Puerto Rican magician/illusionist)Yasmine Bleeth - Baywatch star (supposedly 1/2 Arab, other sources list her as full Jewish)Lorainne Bracco - star of The Sopranos (1/2 Jewish/Italian)Lisa Bonet - star of The Cosby Show (1/2 black/Jewish)Matthew Broderick (star of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, War Games, Godzilla, and many more)Neve Campbell (actress...Laura Schlessinger (radio psychiatrist)Jessica Schimmel (Robert's daughter)Robert Schimmel (comic)Sears-Robuck (Sears department stores)Rick Salomon (gambler/porn peddler)George Segal (actor)Steven Seagal (either full or half Jew depending on source, relative of Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay (Segal) French who claims family were Jews from Romania)Jerry Seinfeld (comedian, creator/star of Seinfeld)Jay Sekulow (attorney/political/religious commentator, convert to Christianity)Peter Sellers (comedian/actor from the Pink Panther series)Rod Serling (creator of The Twilight Zone, converted to Catholicism)Simon Schama (historian/host of television documentaries)Barry Scheck (OJ Simpson attorney)Debbie Schlussel (conservative columnist)David Schwimmer (star of Friends)Garry Shandling (comic, HBO star)Harvey Shapiro (famed celeb attorney, People's Court)Robert Shapiro (OJ Simpson attorney)Dick Shawn Harry Shearer (comedian/actor, starred in This Is Spinal Tap, voice on The Simpsons)Adrienne Shelly (murdered actress)Alan Sherman Dinah Shore (talk show host, personality...contrary to rumor she's not a mulata but Jewish from the South)Pauly Shore (annoying not-funny comic)Denny Siegel Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster (creators of Superman)Sarah Silverman (comidienne)Phil Silvers (old comedian)Alicia Silverstone (actress)Neil Simon (playwright)Randy & Jason Sklar (twin brothers, hosts of Cheap Seats on ESPN)Yakov Smirnoff (stupid comedian from Russia in the 80s)Rena Sofer Shannyn Sossamon Bahar Soomekh (Iranian born Jewish actress)Phil Spector (record producer/murderer)Steven Speilberg (director)Aaron Spelling (TV producer)Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210 star/daughter of Aaron)Baruch de Spinoza (philosopher)Jerry Springer (talk show host/radio host/extreme liberal)George "The Animal" Steele (pro-wrestler)Gertrude Stein (author)Daniel Stern (star of Home Alone series/narrator on The Wonder Years tv program)Howard Stern (radio host)Jon Stewart (comedian/political commentator)Jerry Stiller (comedian)Oliver Stone (controversial leftist director)Marcia Strassman (Welcome Back Kotter actress)Tara Strong Clive Swift (actor/star of Britcom 'Keeping Up Appearances')Brandon Tartikoff (head of NBC, now deceased)Betty Thomas (star of Hill Street Blues, now film director)Lily Tomlin (comidienne/actress, starred in 9 To 5, All Of Me, and others)Leon Trotsky (Russian revolutionary figure)Bruce Vilanch (Hollywood Squares panelist)Rich Voss Mike Wallace (journalist from 60 Minutes)Barbara Walters (journalist)Joseph Wapner (judge on People's Court)David Warner (British born supporting actor)Dr.Brian Weiss (famed psychologist/reincarnation supporter)Rachel Weisz (actress from the Mummy films)Dr.French's real surname is Segal)Paul Stanley (Kiss singer/guitarist, born Stanley Harvey Eisen...contrary to stupid internet rumor espoused by idiotic Jewwatch site, he's not the son of the man who invented 2000 Flushes)Brenda K.Starr (salsa/freestyle singer famous for about 2 minutes...Syrian/Brazilian father, mother Jew from Quebec)Don Adams (star of Get Smart/cartoon voice, converted to Catholicism)Joey Adams (member of Rat Pack)Anouk Aimee Marv Albert (sports commentator/involved in sex scandal)Madeleine Albright (politician)Marty Allen (Hollywood Squares panelist)Woody Allen (comedian/actor/director)Gloria Allred (attorney)Jason Alexander (Seinfeld)Lyle Alzado ( star)Morey Amsterdam (Dick Van Dyke Show)Anastacia (model/yoga instructor)Bea Arthur (Maude & The Golden Girls)Isaac Asimov (sci-fi writer)Ed Asner (Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant star, communist party member)Mili Avital Hank Azaria (comedian, voice on Simpsons)Lauren Bacall (legendary actress)Tom Baker (British born actor played Dr.Who and starred in horror films, convert to Catholicism, at one time a monk)John Banner (co-star of Hogan's Heroes)Roseanne Barr (comedienne)Richard Belzer (comedian/star of Law & Order)Ike Barenholtz Richard Benjamin (director/actor)Jack Benny (legendary comedian)Robby Benson (very popular actor in the 70s)Dave Berg (cartoonist for Mad magazine)Mary Kay Bergman (female voice on South Park, killed herself in 1999)Elizabeth Berkley (Showgirls star)David Berkowitz (serial killer...adopted at birth by Jewish family and Jews typically claim he's not Jewish although he's clearly a Semite, while on death row has claimed to be a born-again Christian)Sandra Bernhard (comedienne/actress)Bonnie Bernstein (ESPN sportscaster)Leonard Bernstein (composer)Joe Besser (3 Stooges)Joey Bishop Jack Black (comedian, star of Rock School, Shallow Hal, The Cable Guy and others)Lewis Black Selma Blair (actress)Mel Blanc (famous cartoon voice)Franz Boaz (anthropologist)Helena Bonham-Carter (actress, Jewish mother...raised Catholic)Tom Bosley (star of Happy Days)Elaine Boosler (stand-up comic)Victor Borge (comedian)Jonathon Brandis (young actor, hung himself)David Brenner (comedian)Fanny Brice Adrian Brody (star of The Pianist, King Kong, many more)Albert Brooks (comedian/actor)Mel Brooks (comedian/director)Brother Theodore (very strange comedian, does cartoon voices)Lenny Bruce (stand up comic)Dr.

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