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Fortunately Izumi returns to his normal self and Saijou suggests Seriously, nothing much changes.

Almost everything stays the same way and every episode of fanservice is like something similar just wrapped and coated in a different way.

She gets very embarrasses since Izumi has been watching since the start! But porn time is interrupted when Kei knocks on the door drunk. She won’t tell anybody about it but don’t push your luck. When Izumi finds her, he tries to apologize but some other guy bumped into him and causes his face to fall into her boobs. She fires back the student council’s works have begun taking root if Misumi is acting like that. Misumi is proud of her work but she realizes she is seeing many more couples recently. Izumi has a bad feeling when he notices Ui starting to get mad.

She hints she was there at the festivals and took some risqué shots of Izumi fondling Misumi. Because he puts a cloth over her butt, he can’t see where he is going so his hands start to fondle around. The worse possible person to come by, Saijou (sorry, not Misumi) as she wants to take pictures. Saijou goes away as he warns her about misusing those pictures.

So here they are with Izumi helping Niikura try some new clothes. The moment they try to hold hands, she breaks them apart and revels in it! Thankfully (or not), Misumi barges in and misinterprets the situation as Saijou wanting him to take naughty pictures of her. Kei is trying to tell her sister that romance isn’t a bad thing and of course Misumi is denying it is happening to her whatsoever.

Because he locks himself in his room trying to repent his actions. Ui might agree but do you think she can leave them alone? Too bad he can’t take the heat and excuses himself to the toilet when he is just sitting on the stairways to clear his mind.

Izumi thought he could stand this since she is a noob but from his point of view, her panties are visible so he cuts short this fanservice. You prefer to go study than let your horny wife do this?! After she takes a bath, she tries to distract him with her boobs but it seems he prefers studying more. While lying frustrated on his bed, that is when she gets turned on smelling his blanket. So she dunks the water balloon on his head and runs off. So how is this preventing further sexual conduct in school? Izumi disagrees and accidentally takes off his blindfold. With the chaos, Misumi thinks she’ll buy some black lingerie because Izumi quoted saying she looked mature in it. Yeah, Izumi is starting to sound like a sexual deviant. However she gets disappointed she didn’t tell him this kind of things thinking she would make fun of him.

A little masturbation and then it turns into some sort of poorly imitated sex with his blanket. Can you blame a guy when you’re trying to control yourself and your hungry wife accusing you for not doing a manly job? But Kei whispers to Izumi that she knows he is f*cking Ui and to keep it down. She notes how disgusting when boys stare at her tits but somehow she doesn’t feel so with Izumi. Anyway he takes up the offer and he must be so good that she gives off satisfying moans. Of course Ui’s appearance means he will still be keeping his lust. Their indecency reminds her about that festival incident. Misumi adds fuel to the fire saying Izumi confided in her a long time ago.

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Because the changing room is big enough, the clerk pushes them in together. So while he doesn’t look and she puts it back on, she trips. If under constant surveillance from Misumi wasn’t enough, he noticed Saijou has been spying on him too. Kei even tells her own sexual fantasy experience with a ‘slave’.

Even if he likes one particular girl, there's little guarantee that the rest will be willing to accept his choice, especially in long-running harem series.

This often happens when the love polygon devolves into True Companions and infatuations become close friendships instead.

Before Misumi can fully unhook, Saijou is at the door.

She got a call from Ui about the cross-dressing and wants to take pictures!

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