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Hamm stressed that CFN — as the company abbreviates it — isn't just for people in recovery."It's for everybody," Hamm said.

"This isn't a place for you to get sober or go through the 12 steps.

Put simply, they’ve been avoiding reality and their true emotions for a very long time – usually several years or even decades – and without the ability to moderate those sensations (via an addictive substance or behavior) they can very easily become overwhelmed and/or addled.

Sadly, these missteps can and often do lead recovering addicts directly into relapse.

The most common blunders include: So far, I’ve probably seemed pretty pessimistic about recovering addicts and romantic relationships. I merely wanted to point out that recovering addicts should not seek romance, especially early in the healing process, without knowing the potential pitfalls they may encounter – most notably the emotional turmoil that even psychologically healthy people experience when dating.

If they’re married, they’re told to stick it out for at least twelve months no matter how bad their relationship seems in the moment.

If they’re single, they’re told to stay that way for the next year, no matter how attracted they are to another person (or people).

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