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Then again, John Mayer hasn't given it a shot until now.

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Read Full Story(Getty Images)John Mayer is currently on tour in Australia, where he's splitting his time between concert festivals and arena shows.In the interview, Scheana explains that she actually first met John about a year ago while working at an event he attended with then-girlfriend Jen.“She told me how pretty I was,” Scheana recalls in the video. We all had some drinks together.” And then it was only a few weeks ago, after the latest split from Aniston, that John and Scheana rekindled their friendship. Magazine] I wanted to dislike this woman, but the video gave me a decent impression of her. She came across well although there’s a definitely an element of self promotion in the whole thing.Marie says that people are attributing fake quotes to her like the ridiculous statement that being with Mayer was “like Spring Break” and the quote that he’s “amazing in bed.” The only quote she gave was to People Magazine that “We’re friends. He’s funny and sweet.” In recent weeks, speculation has grown that John Mayer has moved from his relationship with Jennifer Aniston by taking up with actress Scheana Marie.And while the rock star has remained quiet on the topic, Scheana spends several minutes talking at length about their unique “friendship” in a new video interview with Young Marie showed Aniston how to get to the bathroom and said that Mayer’s then-girlfriend was very complimentary toward her, telling her she was pretty and had nice eyes.There was no cheating going on at the time, she claimed, and she didn’t get together with Mayer until they were both single. I’m personally not terribly crazy about John Mayer’s music, although I do consent he’s a talented musician.I mean, you have to be if you’ve been as famous for as long as he has. She said that they don’t go out obviously as there are no photos of them together, but that they “hang out” and she’ll leave the details up to our imagination.The interviewer asked her directly if she’s ever been to his house or slept with him and she responded that the question was too personal.

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