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You fell in love with him for the person he is before he met you. But instead of asking him to avoid his friends, help him learn from his mistakes by subtly revealing the flaws of a few friends when he’s bitching about them. Learn to ask for help in the right way, and he’ll love you more.

#5 Don’t always be the damsel Guys love to play the part of the protector in the relationship. [Read: How to be the perfect damsel in distress] #6 You’re insecure when he meets an attractive girl Do you ever feel insecure when he spends time with an attractive girl? Are you afraid he’ll fall in love with her and leave you?

You may think that bringing up problems in the relationship all the time will make him a better man who can love you in a better way.

Be frank and explain what you feel without losing your cool.

If there’s love in the air with you, he’ll know the right thing to do.

You’ll soon realize that just talking to a sexy guy doesn’t mean you want to have sex with him.

And you’ll probably start trusting your boyfriend more. *or* # He may think you’re easily available for him whenever he wants you.

There’s a thin line between a clingy girlfriend and a loving one.

But at times, even the best of us can end up becoming a clingy girlfriend without really realizing it.

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