Idea dating

The catch is that you both have to judge and provide the commentary, so there will be bias. But who can resist reliving those precious moments of childhood innovation?

But if you have to make dinner anyway, might as well make it interesting. Work together to construct a high quality fort any babysitter would be proud of.

Art museum: Exploring an art museum is ideal for a day when you want to be mostly silent together.

It’s ideal for a day when you both crave inspiration.

They can be impossible to spot, despite the hints provided, but this can easily become a fierce competition in which the loser buys the winner ice cream.

An amusement park: Hanging out at a crowded, noisy amusement park may not seem like an introverted activity.

Horseback riding: There’s a reason horseback riding is so common for a romance novel cover.

Horses are calming and serene, yet they can also surprise you with their power, so they’re the perfect symbol for the introvert.

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Found object art project: Many couples will take on a DIY or craft together, but this is a little different. Teaching and sharing a skill is an excellent way to connect while satisfying the need to create.

Using the art movements Dadaism and Arte Povera as inspiration, create your own found object art project. Then, paste them to a canvas or superglue them to form a sculpture. However it turns out, it represents the melding of you and your date’s minds. If neither of you play an instrument, take a class together.

This can apply to dance, poetry, theater, or any of the arts!

And it’s the ideal date for indulging in lots of handholding.

Iron Chef, Home Edition: Pick a favored ingredient, theme, or style of dish, and allez cuisine!

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