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Even though he’s a dastardly and immoral character, you have to give him a star for his skill in coming out on top. When I heard Frank utter the above quote, I was struck by how true it is, especially when it comes to commerce.

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We know that you know that we like the thrill of the chase.

The agonizing days waiting for a call back fuels the mind to make up reasons for why she hasn't called back, ranging from simple to crazy:- She never got the message- The message was unclear- She accidentally deleted my message and number- She's busy with work-She's been abdjucted by aliens- She changed into a giant roach over night like that guy Gregor in Kafka's Most of the girls I know tell me to call back one more time after I don't hear from a girl.

There is growing evidence that "no" could mean "yes," or event a few "nos" could mean "yes." Let's examine why this is so: I'm not sure if women say this just to give their boyfriends a tough time but they will say something like: "I thought he was creepy at first." "He grew on me.""When he first came up to me I was thinking 'who is this loser?

Quality content gets you from no to yes: chaperons the lead and converts them to a sale.

But what if you’re already on their radar and they’ve heard negative things or had a poor experience?

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