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Case in point is the Sixaxis support on the Play Station 3 version.Regular readers of these features will know that I generally tend to find the motion sensor to be too imprecise to be worth bothering with, but at least here there's a sense that the programmers have tried to get the most out of it.

Unless otherwise stated, one pixel in the Eurogamer player corresponds to one pixel on your HDTV.If you have any further questions or issues regarding Secu ROM components and functionality that are not addressed on this support site, please contact [email protected] provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.For all other questions or issues regarding Grand Theft Auto PC that are not related to Secu ROM components or functionality, please visit the official Rockstar Games Support Site at This shows that some thought has gone into the control scheme, and there's no chance of your chopper suddenly lurching into the sky because your joypad isn't absolutely level.Whether you actually find the motion sensor control to be anything other than a novelty remains a matter of personal taste.Similar to Burnout Paradise, the two games share all the usual online gaming accruements - the same levels, the same options, and very similar levels of performance, although obviously Xbox Live's servers have been coping better than the Game Spy equivalents behind the scenes at the Play Station Network.It's also clear to see that Rockstar has tried its level best to get the most out of both systems.As one leading developer said to me the other day, "I think this game, like Crackdown before it, changes everything." Quite.Yes there are some significant differences between the two games which we'll be going into in more depth later on in the feature, but it's important not to lose focus of the most important issue - that this release is an astonishing achievement.The revocation of the serial is done automatically during the de-installation process.However, if you decided not to revoke your license when the option is displayed, you can still do it later by re-installing and de-installing your game or you can download and run the revocation tool from this site.

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