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The greater the concentration of wealth and power, the lower the social mobility; the lower the social mobility, the greater the odds that the system will collapse when faced with a crisis that it would have easily handled in more egalitarian times. The status quo exists to protect the privileged, period.When the economy is expanding faster than the population and everyone benefits from the expansion, the majority of people feel their chances of getting ahead are positive. Instead of hard work being rewarded, "getting ahead" is redefined as "running in place to keep from falling behind".Fios’ 100% fiber optic network delivers blisteringly fast speeds on your favorite devices.Right now, get Fios Gigabit Connection TV Phone for .99/month for two years, plus one year of Netflix.Brian Wansink won fame, funding and influence for his science-backed advice on healthy eating.Now, emails show how the Cornell professor and his colleagues have hacked and massaged low-quality data into headline-friendly studies to "go virally big time." Fios’ 100% fiber optic network delivers blisteringly fast speeds on your favorite devices.After that it's a certainty." For more information on an excellent website, see (click on above headline link) Virtually every empire has experienced this lesson: once the privileged few limit the rise of those from humble origins (i.e.

An overall "financial collapse" will further devastate our ability to implement alternative systems of energy since the capital needed to develop these alternatives will not be available. Everyone needs to commit to some unpleasant compromises now, in order to avoid even more unpleasant alternatives in the future . High energy prices, destabilizing resource wars, less than inspiring leadership, a possible currency collapse, - all will add to that.

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But when the economy is stagnating, and those at the top are seen still amassing monumental gains, the majority realizes their chances of securing a better life are declining and frustration, anger and a disavowal of the corrupt status quo set in. One of my projects is to better understand what social, economic and cultural elements of empires enabled their rise and durability.

I was especially interested in locating traits shared by virtually all empires that endured.

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