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Then they made the best of a bad job, sending Nesperennub into history, wrapped up and in his sarcophagus and with a clay pot on his head. I love the clay pot story because it acts as a tunnel that leads directly to the distant past.

Wander in and it shows you that we are not so different after all.

As above, so below: the Egyptians believed that the sun was born every morning and died every evening. In truth, being dead was pretty hard going even before you got to all of that.

Take Nesperennub, Beloved of the God, Opener of the Doors of Heaven.

Senet didn't seem to work particularly well as a game. Some people suggest it reaches as far back as 3500 BC. The Egyptian board found was sketched on the roof of the hypostyle hall of the temple of Hathor at Dendera, and dates from the first century AD.

By this point, Egypt was a province of Rome, so ancient Egypt's favourite board game pretty much outlasted ancient Egypt.

He was The appearance of the pot was therefore quietly troubling, I guess.

No other mummy had even turned up with a pot on their head, and there was no mention of anything like it in the literature.

I've been looking to expand the clay pot theory of history.

Then they forgot about it, for a while at least, and when the time had come to wrap Nesperennub's skull, disaster: the resin had stuck the pot to his scalp.

The embalmers made a few attempts to remove it, tearing the priest's dried-up skin in the process, and then?

If I was looking for games, I knew my ultimate target: Senet, the favoured game of the ancient Egyptians, played on a board made from three neat rows of 10 spaces each.

Senet was played in Egypt for over 3000 years, and was responsible for one of the first recorded instances of trash-talking, captured on the wall in the tomb of Pepi-Ankh at Meir and itself dated to around 2300 BC. Over the years, a little of Mr Magdi's knockabout romance stuck to Backgammon and inevitably mixed in with Senet too.

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