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This does not mean that there is no genuine scientific debate about the issue.

Scientists are uncertain about whether all the warming observed over the last century is due to human activity (up to perhaps 30% may be due to natural variations); in addition, model simulations of the expected global temperature increase over this century vary from 4 ⁰F to more than 10 ⁰F depending on the model being used.

But these are uncertainties about the relative size of the effect, rather than uncertainties about the basic science.

If science is not really about belief and I (and the vast majority of my colleagues) am so certain of the facts of climate change science, then why do non-scientists (and the media) continue to talk about “belief” in climate change?

Our hearts convict us of the need to live a life that shows our love for the world that God has given us and for our neighbors who share this world with us.

Disbelief in climate change science disavows the understanding of our minds and rationalizes our unwillingness to love our neighbors.

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In other words, we rationalize our lack of action by shifting blame in one way or another to the facts or the purveyors of those facts. Furthermore, our acceptance of facts is conditioned by the acceptability of those facts to the community around us.

y immediate response when asked to respond to this title was that climate change (or global warming) is not about belief.

For a scientist, one might equally well be asked to respond to “Can Christians believe in gravity?

As a result of human activity during the last 150 years, we have increased the carbon dioxide concentration of the atmosphere by more than 40%, which has increased the greenhouse capacity of the atmosphere; consequently, surface temperatures are increasing.

Simply put, there is no scientific uncertainty about the basic physics of global warming, the resulting warming of planet Earth, and the human driver of this change.

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