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The NICE compliance regime aims to ‘ Since 1 April 2013, all NHS organisations have been required to publish information setting out which NICE technology appraisal recommendations are included in their local formularies.From the same date, this requirement became a standard term and condition in NHS contracts.

This guidance, published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), provides good practice recommendations for the systems and processes needed to ensure NHS organisations develop and update local formularies effectively and in accordance with statutory requirements.

The guideline development group agreed on 16 elements that were fundamental to good-quality local formulary development, and recommendations were made for each of these areas (see Box 3).

All these elements are important for the development and maintenance of up-to-date, reliable local formularies; however, six areas were identified as key topic areas for local implementation, as follows.

This process should take place within 90 days to support compliance with the three month funding direction and the NHS Constitution ensuring that these medicines are available for clinicians to prescribe, should they choose to, in a way that supports safe and clinically appropriate practice.

the Department of Health introduced a NICE ‘compliance regime’ for the funding direction attached to NICE technology appraisals, to support rapid and consistent implementation throughout the NHS of medicines receiving a positive appraisal.

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