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This beautiful insight comes from my dear friend Ken Page’s game-changing best seller If you want more love in 2018, try this life-changing exercise from Ken: Think about all the people you know, from your nearest and dearest to people you may not have thought about for years.

And just ask yourself these three questions: , Ken teaches “micro-meditations;” small practices that take less than three minutes, but have the power to enrich your entire intimacy journey.

Perhaps, thinking back to our childhood, we hear echoes of the same accusations.

Once you’ve done all this hard work, the book continues with strategies for taking your new awareness into dating.

Page provides tools and suggestions for meeting potential mates.

Not problems, but positive attributes.“Through decades of practice as a psychotherapist, and from a lifetime of efforts to understand my own inner workings,” Page writes, “something surprising and inspiring gradually became clear to me: our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts.”There are two key questions to help you find what your gifts are. Page then leads us to recognize ways we might have entered relationships based on our need to shield and protect our gifts, rather than share them — what he calls attractions of pain versus attractions of love.

For example, if we’ve been told we’re too intense, do we choose relationships that force us to stifle our passions so as not to reveal this alleged weakness?

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