Deal with intimidating

Phelps used the intimidation attempt to fuel his performance rather than allowing his emotions to run wild.PHELPS: “There was so much emotion and so much build up for that race.He went on to take the gold medal winning the final by 4-hundredths of a second. Lastly, if your opponent sees that their antics are not working, soon those antics will lessen or stop.Intimidation exists because it works for some, but as Michael Phelps proved, it doesn’t have to work on you. First, you should realize that your opponent sees you as a threat or there would be no need for them to seek an edge through intimidation. Tips for turning intimidation into motivation: Focus your eyes away from the distraction.Intimidation challenges an athlete’s level of mental toughness. If you can learn the power of focus, you can turn a fellow competitor’s attempt at intimidation to work in your favor.Intimidation exists in every sport and was visibly on display in the ready room prior to the semi-final heat of the 200 butterfly in Rio.

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