Daughter dating a felon

Could he be a lying and manipulative individual who always has criminal intent on his mind? Does the fact that he was a felon have ANYTHING to do with it? In fact, I know more people who *should* have gone to jail but have managed to stay out, that are far worse than some people I know who went to jail and did their time. Do you even realize that in the different examples I just gave you, the guilty person would be radically different from the next? Did he go out to buy an ounce or two of grass, and got busted in the wrong sting? Was he a mule and transporting several kilos of cocaine across international borders? He deserves someone who can see the past he is actively leaving behind.But reality TV wasn’t for her, and she left after one series.Why do people always ask advice about situations like this, as if they should be allowed to keep their eyes and ears closed, and just follow the advice blindly? Was he a dealer living in a pimped out apartment selling whatever drugs people wanted? Your asking this question shows that you can't see past the past he is leaving behind. Either you need to become a better person, someone worthy of the second chance he has earned, or you need to find someone with a past you can live with.The former NFL running back-turned-actor is a convicted armed robber and kidnapper.TOPSHOP heiress and former Made In Chelsea star Chloe Green has hit the headlines for dating the man once known as ‘the world’s hottest felon’.

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The football star will also have a sizable nest egg waiting for him, having made over 0,000 from his NFL pension in the time since he has been in prison.

The controversial tycoon, who recently suffered a £135m profit crash, is the owner of a string of retailers including Topshop and Topman, and is the chairman of retail company the Arcadia Group.

Chloe, meanwhile, is a socialite and keen Instagrammer, although she recently deleted her Instagram account.

He has addressed that his romantic connection may sway some voters, saying: 'If that's the will of the people, that's the will of the people...

I hope to keep [the campaign] to the issues.'One of his campaign signs is planted in front of her house but he admitted he 'probably should not be talking about the Simpsons without their permission'.

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