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Abusers may apologize profusely for their actions or try to convince the person they are abusing that they do these things out of love or care.However, violence and control always intensifies over time with an abuser, despite the apologies.Campus Location: 608-265-6389 Community Office: 608-251-5126 24-Hour Crisis Line: 608-251-7273 Domestic Abuse Intervention Services is an off-campus community agency providing free and confidential services for survivors of dating/domestic violence, stalking, including emergency shelter, legal advocacy, community education, and support groups.24-Hour Help Lines 608-251-4445 or 800-747-4045 UHS Mental Health Services provides confidential on-campus mental health resource for UW–Madison students, providing individual, couple/partner, and group counseling.Read More › Many times trying to leave an abusive relationship is filled with crisis and emergency.Sometimes police are called, sometimes charges are laid, sometimes people are hurt.There are training opportunities galore across the province as Victim Service sites take…

UHS Medical Services offers confidential medical services for students affected by sexual assault and dating violence including treatment of injuries, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, HIV testing and counseling, and screening and treatment of other STIs.What may start out as something that was first believed to be harmless (e.g., wanting the victim to spend all their time only with them because they love them so much) escalates into extreme control and abuse (e.g., threatening to kill or hurt the victim or others if they speak to family, friends, etc.).Whether you need support now or years after experiencing sexual assault or dating violence, confidential help is available 24 hours a day.UHS can review the risk of pregnancy, STIs, and physical injuries with the student, and provide more information about reporting options, emotional support, and academic accommodations.Help is available for survivors of sexual violence.There were a lot of logistical problems to sort through. Read More › So for the first time ever, we are thrilled to send out a blog post from a guest! It doesn’t necessarily raise us much money but it allows us to support our local artisan community while…This wonderful person has survived a life of sexual and domestic violence and is now in a position to help others. Read More › So our site is getting ready for our Christmas craft show and sale (coming this weekend! Read More › November starts the 16 Days of Activism which is focused on violence against women, most often in the forms of domestic violence.Read More › February is teen dating violence awareness month.It’s certainly something we deal with on a regular basis and we’ve noticed a few pieces that are important to keep in mind when dealing with this topic. Even with that, testifying in court can have some positive benefits for many victims regardless of their age.Some children may feel empowered by having the opportunity to…

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