Dating the virgo man dating for married people uk

The flip side of this perfectionism is that he will demand the same level of excellence from you.

The very search for the optimum which ensured that he bought the most perfect of gifts for your birthday is likely to point out if your ikebana arrangement is less than flattering or the pie charts in your boardroom presentation slightly less than accurate.

A believer in the maxim that what is worth doing is worth doing well, he is often exacting and uncompromising in his high standards.

The best way that this will affect his love life will be a whole-hearted involvement in his partner and what makes her happy.

At the same time, he may be quite surprisingly insecure inside and so you may need to assure him of your love and fidelity from time to time.

A Virgo loves to please and this is a delight coming from men who have been genetically wired, as it were, to believe that they are the dominant species.

If you are wondering how this will impact your love life, remember that your Virgo lover can prove to be something of a workaholic.

If he does point out a lack of seasoning in you Bolognaise sauce, it is not because he is fond of spicy food himself, but because he does not want your lovingly-cooked holiday dinner to be a disaster.

He will say yes only when he is sure about you but once he does you can be certain that this is something he really wants and is not a momentary affair.

Being a Virgo, I can attest to the fact that every personality trait astrologers use to describe us is dead on.

So when he talks about a plan, you can be sure that his words will be followed by action, unlike a Gemini who is more likely to talk just for the thrill of hearing his own voice. Ruled by the planet Mercury who was also the swift-footed messenger of gods in classical mythology, a Virgo can handle several tasks – physical as well as intellectual – at the same time.

They thrive in high pressure competitive environments which bring out the best of this industrious and meticulous nature.

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  1. Others want someone to share their passion for mountain biking, or table tennis, or the theatre, or for getting stoned. They aren't on the lookout for curvy women or men who boast about how good they are in bed, and explicitly detail the reason why.