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During the 1890s Gonne travelled extensively throughout England, Wales, Scotland and the United States campaigning for the nationalist cause, forming an organization called the "Irish League" (L'Association Irlandaise) in 1896.Gonne, in opposition to the attempts of the British to gain the loyalty of the young Irish during the early 1900s, was known to hold special receptions for children.She portrayed Cathleen, the "old woman of Ireland," who mourns for her four provinces, lost to the English colonizers.She was already spending much of her time in Paris.Neither the divorce papers submitted by Gonne nor Iseult's own writings mention any such incident, which is unsurprising, given the reticence of the times around such matters, but Frances Stuart, Iseult's later husband, attests to Iseult telling him about it.The allegation concerning Iseult was made by Maud to Dr. Though Maud omitted it from court proceedings, the Mac Bride side raised it in court to have John's name cleared. 86–104] In 1917 Yeats, in his fifties, proposed to the 23-year-old Iseult, who did not accept.

Gonne separated from Millevoye after Georges' death, but in late 1893 she arranged to meet him at the mausoleum in Samois-sur-Seine and, next to the coffin, they had sexual intercourse.

They agreed to fight for Irish independence and to regain Alsace-Lorraine for France.

She returned to Ireland and worked tirelessly for the release of Irish political prisoners from jail.

In the same year, she joined the Roman Catholic Church. In Paris in 1903, after having turned down at least four marriage proposals from Yeats between 18, Maud married Major John Mac Bride, who had led the Irish Transvaal Brigade against the British in the Second Boer War.

She refused many marriage proposals from Yeats, not only because he was unwilling to convert to Catholicism or because she viewed him as insufficiently radical in his nationalism, but also because she believed his unrequited love for her had been a boon for his poetry and that the world should thank her for never having accepted his proposals. The following year their son Seán Mac Bride was born.

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