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If you want to find and keep a relationship, then the opportunity to date (more than once) is key.

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The claims were made by a former Tory whip, Tim Fortescue, in a BBC documentary and backed up by the former home secretary Willie Whitelaw who said the whips held “little black books” where this information was recorded.

' when she began dating super-scruffy Welsh actor Rhys Ifans (yes, we know he's probably got a great personality, but COME ON! Before we all knew her as Betty Draper in Mad Men, January Jones dated Ashton Kutcher.

The couple dated from 1998 - 2001, but sadly, despite the fact they look seriously happy in this snap, it turns out Ashton was a bit of a jerk.

And despite the fact that Ant was initially willing to fork out half his current fortune of £62m to Lisa in their divorce to keep things amicable, she is reportedly now demanding a third of his FUTURE EARNINGS.

Her lawyers have advised her to go after a third of what they predict Ant is due to earn throughout his life, according to The Sun. Apparently, they are taking their lead from Karen Parlour, who is the ex-wife of Arsenal football player Ray Parlour, who won a third of his future earnings in their 2004 divorce.

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