Dating marriage sudanese girl

I like doing my work, l like socializing and modeling, am a cheerful person and also caring.

I hate love -hate relationships, i need a serious relationship Am about 142 CM tall, black hair and a slender.

l like wearingwe are nice open mind couple, we grow up in khartoum -sudan, we are very much interested in finding like minded couples or singles for fun, friendship & extra activities.

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Explaining to their peers who they are and their background has proven to be difficult. That’s weird Lia: We’ll have to talk 2girl: oh wait, you guys don’t like know each other? I was interested in medical, but then I started like realizing how much I hate math and biology (laughter) Hibah: But, I honestly like biology right now.

Looking for a date, girlfriend, boyfriend and fun at free internet dating service is easy & convenient.There are many cupid singles with photos & pictures so take action to meet your significant other today. The marriage tradition in Sudan is not as any other marriages tradition as it has different ceremonies in different days. The bride and the groom celebrate their marriage separately in very cultural ways and then they join each other in the final wedding party which is shared between the bride and her husband as well as their relatives and friends.I hope to be a pediatrician Jessica: That used to be me Hajer: Ok, my names Hajer umm I’m in 9th grade, I go to girls high. Jessica: I want to get my masters Rymaz: My name is Rymaz in arabic its Rymaz but I dont know why my name is different in English. Shimah: 2012 Israh: Yeah, but our grandpa came so that was like really cool.I play field hockey and lacrosse Asana: I played field hockey all throughout high school! (laughter) Hajer: I suck at field hockey (laughter) Hajer: I’m good at Lacrosse. I got used to it (From left to right: Rymaz & Aziza) (laughter) Rymaz: But um I’m also a sophomore at Upper Darby high School Hibah: We go to the same school Rymaz: Yeah, but I don’t really know what I want to study. like engineering, medical, I like my physics class. Rymaz: And it’s like hard cause now we have school. Hajer: I remember in kindergarten I left school in May to go to Sudan (girls chatter in agreement) But now, I can’t leave school in May!The bride has known wedding cloth that distinct her of any other girl, with colourful cloth, feet and arms adorned with hinna which give her a very special look.The husband share one of his special marriage nights which is called White Hinna party with his people and he use to have hinna around his hands and his feet as a way to stress the fact of being a groom at that night with the very traditionally Sudanese way he dress in.That’s it Shima: My name is Shima, I’m a sophomore and I go to Central. but like I’m taking psychology this year, and like, I don’t know I’ve always been interested in stuff like that and I don’t do any sports, but I joined a lot of clubs Hajer: I forgot to say what I wanted to be. I looked it up Asana: Oh ok Hajer: and I don’t know why it would be chemistry. I have to go to school for 6 years If I want to like not get a Ph D. I don’t know what I want to study yet, but um I used to play Lacrosse. Saraa: I went this summer Asana: So it’s common to go for summers? Israh: When we were little, we used to go all the time. (laughter) Saraa: Like I gotta finish school first.I want to be a forensic pathologist, but I have to major in Chemistry for like the first four years Asana: But Why..? I didn’t make the team last year, but I like the sport. Girls: Yeah Saraa: Yeah, almost every summer or every 2 summers Shimah: We were suppose to go in 2012 though, but we’re trying to go this summer, hopefully. I don’t want my transcript to say missed all these days! (laughter in agreement) Ethar: Yeah like in third grade like I disappeared. They are all honored to represent their country and faith in the USA, and speak excitedly of their past trips to Sudan. Living in America has not broken the girls’ ties with Sudan.

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