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Have you been offered a place but are not yet ready to study? Taking time off before your course has started is known as deferment. You will be sent a letter informing you that the deferment has been approved.

You may defer your course for a number of reasons, including work, travel or personal matters. We will get in touch with you to enrol before the expiry of the deferment period.

All courses include training and accreditation fee, training materials, Triple P training resources, access to the password-accessed Triple P Provider Network website and catering (morning and afternoon teas, and lunch). If you are an organisation or agency wanting to book more than five staff members to the same course, discounts may also apply.

If you find a course that’s right for you, or you would like to enquire about pricing, contact us on [email protected] we will send you a registration form.

This course is for students who have more developed English, and are seeking to improve their written and spoken English, as well as improve their grammar at pre-intermediate level.

Doing this course will help when you want to participate more in the local Melbourne community and will also help you if you want to explore Melbourne and Australia.

Please note: You can no longer defer after you have enrolled into the course.

All individuals interested in doing this course will undergo a PTR (Pre-training review) process to determine the suitability of the individuals’ preferred course or qualification as per the institute’s documented policies and procedures.

For example, deferral for courses without a mid-year intake must be for 12 months.

Deferral may also not be possible for courses that are being taught out, and will no longer take new students.

Please note that a training course is not confirmed until a minimum quota of participants have registered.

You will be notified at least two weeks before the course date.

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